Saturday, 24 January 2009

Getting started with Preston Blair

I've been doing some dabbling with it before, but I haven't sat myself down and decided to make a proper effort before now. The lessons can be found here, and I found them thanks to posts by John K, who also comments on the lessons.

Before really starting to construct the drawings in the book, I got myself a basic understanding of the principles and had a stab at bugs:

Amazingly, the drawing kind og looks like bugs and it's not as stiff as I'd expect it to be from the fact that it's constructed.

After copying some of the examples from the lessons I also tried making some of my own characters:

Not too original, but I'm happy with them – especially with the expression of the second one, which has some quite subtle qualities – some day I'll be able to do that kind of stuff on purpose.

The above aren't exact copies, but they aren't blundering failures either – I'll redo the worst ones once I'm through the lessons.

Speaking of blundering failures:

Seems I've made the exact same mistake everyone else has in not being aware enough of the line of action. There are also some proportion mistakes – poor Tom's arm looks like it's melting and his head isn't quite that small.

The funny thing is, that I didn't get the line of action too wrong (it's the green line running through his belly to his head) I just didn't follow it well enough.

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