Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Some of what I've done these last couple of weeks

I've not been doing all that much construction these last couple of weeks, though I've done some:


The inked one is from a drawing by Giuseppe Ferarro, by the way, I've been following his blog here:

Previously, I think my way of working has been to start out trying to draw one thing, not making it, but seeing mid process that I have the opportunity to draw something else that's nice and doing that.

That way, I can make some good looking drawings, but it's not that great if there's actually one specific thing that I know I need to draw. I don't think anyone ever gets to the point where they have full control and can just visualize something and then draw exactly that, and I don't think I would want that either (because of the creative possibilities of chance) – but I've realized that I do need to get closer.

To that end, I've started redrawing:

The grey lines are the original, as you can see, the second tries aren't perfect, but they're better, some of them a lot better.

Tried at one of the covers as well:
Looks like one of those first attempts above, doesn't it? That's because it is, I will make a second jab at this some time this week.

Finally, another charming character I've made:

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